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After a few intense months of reform, adaptation of the space, interior design and trips to get the best collections, we can finally announce that the Bayolo Concept Store is beginning to have the shape we dreamed of . The doors of our space on Calle Afligidos in the center of Malaga (next to the Berlín café and the Revello de Toro Museum) opened weeks ago, but it is now that we can finally tell you a little more about this adventure.

The philosophy of BCS is to become a meeting point with beauty, with good times, with adventure and dreams . We are not just a commercial space where you can find fashion, accessories, decoration items, gadgets, books, gifts and more, but Bayolo Concept Store was born to serve as a reference for firms, designers, artists, authors who want to use it as place for presentations, exhibitions, events .

Old wooden clothing store counter

We travel around the world to bring you the best, you do what you want and together we bring to life a singular project, unique in Malaga. For this we have worked for months hand in hand with the best professionals, who have devised various environments that we want to show you.

Horseshoe window Malaga center

In the architectural and interior design project, it was essential to respect and maintain the original structures of the building , even recovering one of the industrial brick walls that had been hidden during a previous reform. Rescuing the natural light that the premises had and integrating the different spaces was a challenge for the team. We have opted for white on most of the walls, to give prominence to the eclectic content that we will host. The different rooms are decorated with a mix of antique furniture with contemporary design, signature pieces and some daring touches in the accessories. However, it is a living space and, therefore, it will change according to the needs of each moment.

clothing store with brick wall

bayolo store clothing store in malaga

The fitting room is one of our favorite corners of the store. We have dyed it a luminous yellow, like the Malaga sun, and we have left a message in neon: “Hello Gorgeous” so you don't forget to shine!

neon yellow hello gorgeous dressing room

In addition to our physical space, we have also taken care of the virtual one, with a website where you can buy all our items and visit whenever you need inspiration: Bayolo online store

We are ready to welcome you at last, so that you feel that this is a space to which you can always return for inspiration, help or, why not, to treat yourself. Our first journey has been very productive, so we have managed to bring to Malaga such interesting firms as Mangäta, Imiloa, Mércules and others , and prestigious publishers, such as Taschen and Tintablanca . For the autumn-winter season we have a lot of surprises to tell you, which are waiting for you in a few days.

black beach dress

long red dress sitting woman

fashion woman in red classic car

taschen fashion book

In the same way, in our first weeks of operation we have received the visit of some brands, such as Gogana Swimwear or Distailor , we have served as a showroom for one of the La Temporal brand events , and we have added to our library the book of an author from Malaga, Ana Porras .

bikini gogana swimwear

So do not lose sight of us, join us on this exciting journey. Welcome to your home, welcome to Bayolo Concept Store.

woman in white suit lying on cliff

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