The Traveling Soul of Bayolo Concept Store

At the head of every adventure there is always a commander, a captain who trusts in the meaning and purpose of his journey. In our concept store we have a captain, Silvia Bayolo, an enthusiastic, traveling and committed soul. The entrepreneurial nature of this Galician based in Malaga has led her to found several firms throughout her life, exciting business trips that have given her experience and a vision of the future.


On this occasion, after having run several fashion and decoration stores for years, and after consolidating her tailor-made travel design agency, Silvia thought that it was not enough to take Spaniards to the most special places in the world, but rather that bring the best things from all destinations to this corner of southern Europe. Bayolo Concept Store was born with this vocation, a meeting place between culture, fashion, decoration and art, where leading firms from all over the planet come together.

A personal and business commitment that means a lot to Silvia: “entrepreneurship always involves risk, dedication and courage, but for me the responsibility is greater, since the company bears my father's surname and I have involved my 19-year-old son, I have I put a lot of myself into this dream.”


Located in one of the most charming squares of the historic center, on Afligidos street (next to the Revello de Toro Museum), this premises, renovated following the criteria of sustainability and conservation of the original structures, is the base port for Silvia's new adventure Bayolo. Something different, absolutely new in Malaga, which, as Silvia Bayolo states, "will bring freshness and dynamism to the commercial offer of the city".

One of Bayolo's solid business principles is to surround yourself with the best team and trust in the judgment of professionals. For this reason, both for the architecture and interior design project, as well as for the image, communication or marketing, Silvia has relied on the value of her crew. "I have filled the suitcase with illusion, tenacity, good professionals and desire", he concludes.