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Berlin is an eccentric city, crossroads, plural, modern and rebellious. It is not an easy capital. You have to visit it many times, live it a lot, until you understand it. The writer Marta del Riego and the illustrator Jorge Arranz, who have enjoyed it and traveled tirelessly, assure that Berlin "has been little loved". Germany's capital may not have the romantic aura of Paris, the solid tradition of London, or the might of New York. It is a city of harsh, mysterious beauty. But fascinating. Modernity, believe it or not, was invented here. There is also something that makes it unique: in this city nobody is a stranger.


Title: Berlin

Authors : Marta del Riego (texts) and Jorge Arranz (illustrations)

Maximum Collection

Number of pages: 240, including a 46-page travelogue and a 16-page sketchbook with a special white heavyweight paper.

Measurements: 205 x 130 mm.

ISBN: 978-84-949894-7-6

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